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Looking for cheap rodeo tickets? Today rodeo has a dedicated fan base that has a traveling series of Professional Bull Riders. Coined "The fastest 8 seconds in sports", it's no suprise that this sport has mass appeal. Get your tickets today to see National Finals Rodeo, Houston Rodeo, Austin Rodeo, and San Antonio Rodeo. Buy Rodeo Tickets today!

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Canadian Finals Rodeo tickets Calgary Stampede Rodeo
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Rodeo History

The Rodeo dates back to 1864 when it is beleive 2 groups of cowboys that neighbored ranches met in Deer Trail, Colorado to settle a dispute over who the was rancher at performing everyday tasks. This was what many consider to be the first ever rodeo which has since evolved ito the fast paced, high tempo, heart pounding true American Sport we know today. Many ranchers who are true blooded rodeo sport pioneers live by the fact that rodeo is the only sport that is derived from an industry, and most likely the only one that ever will.

Although alot of the rules are different today, not only to protect the athlete, but also the animal, alot of the essentials are still important today that existing in the 1800's. Rodeo became more popular and widespread after the Civil war the ranches were widespread all the way out west and the cowboy became more popular. Not until the railroad hurt the Cowboys business did the fascination with the Wild West grow and thus many smaller rodeo shows sprung up all throughout populated areas throughout the country. As competitions grews, so did a variance of rules, thus prompting a want to standardize competition

After a protest in 1936 when a promoter refused to add the cowboys entree fees into the winnings, the Cowboys Turtle Association changing it to the Professional Rodeo cowboys Association (PRCA). After standarizing the rules of rodeo events, it can be characterized as bareback riding, team roping, calf ropingsteer wrestling, saddle bronc riding and bull riding. Many rodeos today showcase and include barrel racing, a sport currently dominated by female equestrians.

The early influences of Rodeo have given way to a sport today that has more than 170,000 fans attending the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas and more than 13 million viewers tuning into the finals on ESPN. Rodeo tickets are more popular today than they have ever been.

Rodeo Ticket Delivery

Rodeo tickets are shipped via Fedex. Most orders will ship within 24 hours of your order. Sometimes the tickets have not been distributed by the venue, in that case they will be shipped as soon as they are available. Certain Rodeo tickets may be picked up at the venue.

Rodeo Tickets Disclaimer

We just wanted to make aware that we are in now way affiliated with any Rodeo Organizations, official sites, box offices, fan club or endorsements. We are a ticket broker that sells Rodeo tickets at, below or above face value.

Buying Rodeo Tickets

Buy from our large selection of Boxing tickets, by viewing the Rodeo schedule above. Read our policies before ordering your tickets. Prices on tickets are in US Dollars with BBT guarantee

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