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Looking for cheap NHL Tickets? BestBuyTix has in stock all of your favorite teams 2011 NHL Hockey Tickets both home and away games. Be sure to check the NHL Hockey Schedule and get your NHL Playoff Tickets, NHL All-Star Tickets and Stanley Cup Finals tickets. We want to provide you with all the NHL information you need, like the schedule, NHL seating charts and a team history for every current NHL Franchise.

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NHL History

The sport of Hockey eventually made its way to North America by way of Canada and British Soldiers stationed in Nova Scotia in the 1870s. Around the same time period students in Montreal begame squaring off at local ice rinks and soon created the first hockey league in Kingston, Ontario launched in 1885 and included 4 teams. Not long after that clubs were formed in Toronto, Ottawa and would face off against one another including Montreal. The story of the Stanley Cup dates back to 1892 when Lord Stanley who was the English Governor of Canada was so impressed with the sport of hockey he created a gold plated cup and declared the best amatuer team each year would be awarded this cup. It is what is known today as the pinnacle of the NHL as the Stanley Cup, awarded to the best team in the league each year. Although initially the sport in Canada included 9 players on each side, eventually it was dropped to 7 players as one squad was 2 players short and the other team dropped their 2 players. Shortly after teams preferred the smaller squads.

It wasn't until 1904 that the first professional hockey league was created, and it was created in the United States. Known at the time as the International Pro Hockey league based in Michigan, the league folded in 1907 which prompted an even bigger league known as the National Hockey Association (NHA) to be created 3 years later. Not long ater the NHA was created the Pacific Coast League (PCL) started their own league and by 1914 there was a transcontinental championship of which the winner was awarded the Stanley Cup. When WOrld War I shocked the world the NHA closed their doors temporarily, but after the war was over the NHA founders decided to start up the National Hockey League (NHL) which we know it as it exists today.

The first game in the NHL was played on December 19, 1917 and the league consisted of 5 teams; the Montreal Canadiens, The Montreal Wanderers, The Ottawa Senators, the Quebec Bulldogs and the Toronto Arenas. The first season boasted a 22-game schedule and the first NHL team to finish on top was Toronoto. Toronto played the winner of the Pacific Coast League for the Stanley Cup. It would be another 8 years before the PCL folded and at the start of the 1926 season the NHL who had 10 teams would split the franchises into 2 divisions of 5 teams.

Currently the National Hockey League (NHL) contains 30 franchises with 24 teams located in the United States and 6 located in Canada. Throughout NHL history the Montreal Canadians have been the most successful franchises winning 24 Stanley Cup championships. The the world of professional sports in Canada and United States the Canadians are only suprassed in dominance by the New York Yankees who have 27 championships. In a league with such history it is understandable why the fans flock to NHL games and buy NHL tickets to see their favorite teams. NHL fans are some of the most diehard sports fan you will meet.

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NHL tickets are shipped via Fedex. Most orders will ship within 24 hours of your order. Sometimes the tickets have not been distributed by the venue, in that case they will be shipped as soon as they are available. Certain NHL tickets may be picked up at the venue.

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We just wanted to make aware that we are in now way affiliated with any NHL Organizations, official sites, box offices, fan club or endorsements. We are a ticket broker that sells NHL tickets at, below or above face value.

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