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Looking for cheap NFL tickets? Buy NFL tickets from BestBuyTix, we have the biggest inventory of NFL tickets to all your favorite NFL teams home and away games. We stock all regular season tickets, playoff tickets, and Super Bowl with sections to fit your budget. We also carry all NFL team schedules and seating charts to all NFL stadiums.

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Arizona Cardinals tickets Denver Broncos tickets
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Chicago Bears tickets Baltimore Ravens tickets
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NFL Football History

The first ever professional football league was created in 1920 by the name of the American Professional Football Conference and soon thereafter renamed the National Football League. They held the first championship game in 1933. The NFL was very unstable in its early years finding it hard to keep teams / cities as they would come and go annually. This was the case until the NFL acquired the All-American Football Conference in 1950 and after which the NFL has shown that it can withstand the tests of time. Up until 1960 there was no balanced schedule and teams played from 8 to 16 games per year depending on how many teams were in their conference / league. In 1960 the American Football League created a concreted 14 game schedule for all teams and the NFL soon followed soon. It wasn't until 1978 that the NFL would go to a 16 game schedule, and within the next couple of years created a bye week.

Finally in 1966 the two leagues agreed to merge to created the NFL we know today and it was finalized in 1970. This merger expanded the leagues and created the Super Bowl which is the most watched annual sporting even yearly in the US. Traditionally the way it works is that High School football games are played of a Friday, College Football is played on Saturday and professional football is played on Sunday night and then on Monday night after ABC created Monday Night Football in 1970. Thursday night footbal was added in the 80s.

Currently the NFL consists of 32 teams in 2 conferences (American Football Conference and the National Football Conference) each conference consisting of 4 divisions (AFC North, AFC South, AFC East, AFC West, NFC North, NFC East, NFC South, and NFC West). Every year each division winner wins an automatic bid into the playoffs, the top 2 division winners by record recieve a first round bye from each conference. Each conference also sends 2 wildcard teams with the best record totally 12 teams in all. They compete in 3 rounds, the wildcard round, divisional playoffs, conference championship before the Super Bowl. Currently the NFL is currently by far the most attending domestic sports league per game with an average attendance over 67,000 per game. This goes to show you how darn popular football is in America. This is also the reason that tickets are hard to get and are in such high demand. So buy NFL tickets today from BestBuyTix, because we never sell out of tickets for your favorite teams.

NFL Ticket Delivery

NFL tickets are shipped via Fedex. Most orders will ship within 24 hours of your order. Sometimes NFL tickets have not been distributed by the venue, in that case they will be shipped as soon as they are available. Certain NFL tickets may be picked up at the venue.

NFL Tickets Disclaimer

We just wanted to make aware that we are in now way affiliated with the NFL Organization, official sites, box offices, fan club or endorsements. We are a ticket broker that sells NFL tickets at, below or above face value.

Buying NFL Tickets

Buy from our large selection of NFL tickets, by viewing the NFL schedule above. Read our policies before ordering your tickets. Prices on NFL tickets are in US Dollars with BBT guarantee

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