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Looking for cheap MLB tickets? Currently BestBuyTix sells tickets to all 30 major league baseball teams. We have premium tickets to your favorite teams home and away games, as well as MLB all-star tickets, MLB playoff tickets, and MLB World Series tickets. Also be sure to check out our Major League Baseball Schedule and news as we progress through the 2011 season.

Major League Baseball Teams

National League American League
NL East AL East
Philadelphia Phillies tickets New York Yankees tickets
New York Mets tickets Boston Red Sox tickets
Atlanta Braves tickets Tampa Bay Rays tickets
Washington Nationals tickets Toronto Blue Jays tickets
Miami Marlins tickets Baltimore Orioles tickets
NL Central AL Central
Cincinnati Reds tickets Chicago White Sox tickets
St Louis Cardinals tickets Cleveland Indians tickets
Chicago Cubs tickets Detroit Tigers tickets
Milwaukee Brewers tickets Minnesota Twins tickets
Pittsburgh Pirates tickets Kansas City Royals tickets
NL West AL West
LA Dodgers tickets LA Angels tickets
San Diego Padres tickets Oakland Athletics tickets
Arizona Diamondbacks tickets Texas Rangers tickets
San Francisco Giants tickets Seattle Mariners tickets
Colorado Rockies tickets Houston Astros tickets

Tickets by League

College(DIV 1A and 1AA)
Frontier League
International League
Pacific Coast League (PCL)
All Other Baseball

Major League Baseball History

Often referred to as “Americas Pastime” millions of fans buy MLB tickets each year to see their favorite teams play on fields in a game that has more history than any sport in existence. Currently Major League Baseball consists of 2 Leagues: National League and American League. Each league has 3 Divisions consisting of East, Central and West.

Currently in the American League the most dominant franchises are the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. In the National League the Chicago Cubs and recently the Philadelphia Phillies. Fans are always looking for cheap MLB tickets and there are plenty of deals that can be found on BestBuyTix.

There is so much history surrounding Major League baseball with more great players, teams and games that can be mentioned. From Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Ted Williams and Hank Aaron to more recent stars like Mark McGuire, Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds and Ryan Howard. You can’t forget the Cubs current World Series drought, the Epic Yankees Red Sox playoff series and the “Shot Heard Round the World”. The Mets epic collapse to the Phillies beating the previous record set by the Phillies. Like I said many more to mention.

Some important aspects to baseball are important to the reasons we fall the game so closely. Each year the coveted AL MVP and NL MVP are given out to the player that has the biggest impact on each their respective team. Along those lines the AL and NL CY Young are given to the best pitches in each league. The MLB All Star Game is held once a year and pins the American League best players as voted by the fans against the National League’s best players. As of recently the winner of the All Star game gains home field advantage in the World Series. The day before the all-star game is the Home Run Derby and has always been a fan favorite to see the high flying baseballs jump off their favorite players bats.

MLB Ticket Delivery

MLB tickets are shipped via Fedex. Most orders will ship within 24 hours of your order. Sometimes the tickets have not been distributed by the venue, in that case they will be shipped as soon as they are available. Certain MLB tickets may be picked up at the venue.

MLB Tickets Disclaimer

We just wanted to make aware that we are in now way affiliated with any MLB Organizations, official sites, box offices, fan club or endorsements. We are a ticket broker that sells MLB tickets at, below or above face value.

Buying MLB Tickets

Buy from our large selection of MLB tickets, by viewing the MLB schedule above. Read our policies before ordering your tickets. Prices on tickets are in US Dollars with BBT guarantee

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